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MotD Rotation Changes

Postby Lace » 2018-04-30 01:28 (Monday)

Hello OriginsRO,

Due to excessive mobbing, KS, and general conflict reports stemming from certain mobs being MotD on popular or smaller maps, the following monsters are being removed from the Mob of the Day rotation:

Removed Monsters wrote:Anolian
Bloody Murderer
Fur Seal
High Orc
Lava Golem
Loli Ruri
Orc Archer
Sea Otter

The MotD system has always been intended to promote activity on less popular maps, and all of these monsters are both very good exp on their own, as well as being common leveling spots for high-level characters. These monsters, in conjunction with the party bonus and floating rates system, end up rewarding far too much experience than they should, and it's causing a lot of poor behavior and aggression--the opposite of the community-building teamwork we want to see.

In the future, monsters may be added to or removed from this list at the staff's discretion. The player base will be notified about any further changes to the MotD rotation.

Thank you for understanding and for your cooperation.


Lace and the rest of the OriginsRO staff.
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