Updated Terms of Service!

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Updated Terms of Service!

Postby Catria » September 2nd, 2017, 3:52 am

Terms of Service update is now live! Some sections of the ToS were rewritten for better wording; others were rearranged, merged or removed. It was also very dusty. And because we cleaned the dust off, we were able to fit new Topics and Sections into the shelf.

New Topics:

Topic I.5. Contests and Prizes
Topic II.4. General Understanding of the Rules
Topic II.5. Multiple and Repeated Offenses
Topic IV.10. Confidentiality
Topic IV.11. Accomplices
Topic VI.4. Website Crawling


Topic I.1. General
Topic I.4. Staff Decision
Topic II.3. Loopholes
Topic III.2. Ownership
Topic IV.1. Players
Topic IV.2. Identity
Topic IV.3. Harrassment
Topic IV.4. Rumors and Offensive Behavior
Topic IV.7. Advertisement
Topic IV.9. Master Accounts
Topic V.1. Public Locations, Spam and Scrolling
Topic V.6. Scamming
Topic V.8. Mobbing
Topic VI.3. Bugs and Exploitation
Topic VII.6. Suggestions Guidelines
Topic VII.7. Technical Support Guidelines
Topic V.2. Kill Stealing
Topic V.4. AFK Leveling
Topic V.5. Grief-Playing
Topic V.7. WoE and Guild Rules
Topic VI.1. Client Modification and Third Party Software
Topic VI.2. Hacking and Cracking
Topic VI.3. Bugs and Exploitations
Topic VII.2. Player Reports

Rearranged numbers:

Topic I.5. Disclaimer » Topic I.6. Disclaimer

Renamed Topics:

Topic IV.4. Rumors and Offensive Behavior » Topic IV.4. Offensive Actions and Behavior
Section VII. Forum-specific Rules  » Section VII. Community Rules
Topic VII.1. General Forum Rules  » Topic VII.1. General Community Rules
Topic VII.2. Report a Player Rules » Topic VII.2. Player Reports

Minor edits and additions:

Topic VII.3. Buying and Selling Rules
Topic VII.4. Auction Rules
Topic VII.5. Price Check Rules
Topic VII.8. Bugtracker Guidelines
You can read the updated ToS here,
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