Important Announcement Regarding the EXP "Penalty"

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Important Announcement Regarding the EXP "Penalty"

Postby Lace » 2020-05-15 19:21 (Friday)

Hello Origins, I'm here with a serious announcement. Recently we have had an outstanding number of cases involving multiple Master Account ownership that occurred because players involved believed they would get a penalty for dual-clienting. We have heard claims ranging from 20% to 50% exp loss for solo dual-clienting. They were told these things by other players when they first started playing.

You all know this is not how the system works. You will never receive less than the base exp a monster yields. However some players in the community still insist on representing the unique party bonus as a penalty. This incorrect terminology makes other players start referring to it as a penalty, and they tell other players, and they tell even more players, and the true workings of the system get lost along the way. What ultimately happens at the end of this game of telephone, is you have new players (especially ones who do not speak English very well and cannot research for themselves) believing they are being unfairly punished and feeling like they have to make another master account to get around this supposed limitation.

This is why it's imperative that you do not refer to the party bonus as a penalty. We know it's a meme and you all think you're very clever for perpetuating it, but it has become a very real problem that new players are being mislead into breaking the rules because someone else told them something that was untrue.

As harsh as it sounds, we are going to start handing out punishments for players who continue to perpetuate the idea that Origins penalizes players for dual-clienting. These punishments will start out as verbal warnings, but will ramp up in severity if the behavior continues.

I don't care if you think the insistence on certain terminology is silly. I don't care if you don't think there's a difference between a bonus and a penalty. There are far too many people who are losing their accounts because of an easily avoidable misunderstanding.

We do not want to have to remove the party bonus, but it's becoming less and less feasible to manage all these cases that result from misinformation surrounding it. As members of our community, it's your responsibility to make sure new players have accurate information about OriginsRO's unique features.

Please help us help our new players, not hinder them.

Thank you,
The oRO staff
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