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Party Exp Bonus Changes

Postby Aloe » 2019-11-03 03:54 (Sunday)

Hello OriginsRO!

It seems like there has been a severe misunderstanding about one of the changes in this latest patch, and that came with rumors and the spread of misinformation that we'd like to tackle. We recently readjusted the way the party exp bonus works by reducing the passive bonus and increasing the tap bonus closer to what it originally was. In order to understand why we did this, we should explain why the party bonus was put in place to begin with. Years ago, when the bonus was first introduced, oRO had a much lower population, and as it usually happens with servers that allow multiclienting, most people would level by themselves and not party with others due to there being little to no incentives. Introducing the party bonus was a way for us to heavily encourage players to look for parties, to play with others, and get a little boost in their leveling. This bonus also came accompanied by a reduction (not a removal) in the tap bonus that official servers have.

However, there were a couple problems with it. On one hand, because of how big the passive bonus was, a lot of the time on bigger parties you could invite a completely passive player to the party and barely make a difference on the amount of experience earned per member. At the same time, due to the way the bonus scales, and the way it interacts with other experience modifiers, such as the Monster of the Day and Floating Rates, you could get instances where you'd be getting experience equivalent to what you would get in a x50 rates server (yes, times FIFTY). This was not intentional, and after deliberation, we decided that the bonus needed to be tweaked. Therefore, we reduced the passive bonus, and increased the tap bonus to compensate. This means that you still get a bonus for partying with others, but party members ideally should interact with the monster to tap it in order to maximize the experience obtained, instead of passively sitting in the party.

Below I've included a graph that shows a comparison between the old and new party bonus. Please notice how parties with no dual clients (that is to say, with the party bonus active) are still receiving considerably increased experience.

In order from top to bottom, for a 12 member party (with every party member tapping):

- Old: no kims, duals (blue)
- New: no kims, duals (blue)
- Old: kim, duals (green)
- New: kim, duals (green)
- Old: no kim, no duals (yellow)
- New: no kim, no duals (yellow)
- Old: kim, no duals (red)
- New: kim, no duals (red)

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Re: Party Exp Bonus Changes

Postby Styx » 2019-11-08 23:00 (Friday)

No misunderstandings here, I am aware for quite a long time that this can be a midrate server if you understand how to exploit it. These changes won't have much influence on it indeed, it might be even largen the gap once more with average players. It won't change my approach, the real challenge is still to avoid party's as much as possible. The really hardcore challenge is of course to manage without easy presents. For me it is no different feeling as exploiting a Kafra Shop. Ofcourse WOE or PvP obligated players might have other priority's.
All your efforts to force partygameplay at all cost did made me wonder why Gravity ever did implement the Mercenary System at such a late stage in the game? Maybe they were just lucky to develop such a great game being so poor at coding and at the same time didn't understand much about the game itself. On the other hand it might be possible that they were exactly aware which type of player was leaving the game in those days.
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